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  • Jan.Medirune was found
  • Jan.Moved into Wonju Medical Industry Techno Valley
  • Mar.Participated in the trade show KIMES 2009 COEX
  • Apr.Relocated the place of business (to the Medical Industry and Technology Complex in Tajang-dong)
  • Apr.Incorporated
  • Jul.Certified as a venture business
  • Aug.Set up an affiliated research institute
  • Oct.Participated in GMES 2009
  • Dec.Participated in Hong Kong E-Expo

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  • Jan.Obtained the certification CE MDD 0470
  • Mar.Participated in the trade show KIMES 2010 (in Wonju)
  • Aug.Obtained KGMP certification
  • Dec.Established a joint branch in Vietnam
  • Dec.Designated as a promising export firm
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  • Mar.Participated in KIMES 2011 COEX
  • May.Selected as HIT 500 business by the Small and Medium Business Administration
  • Oct.Participated in GMES 2011
  • Dec.Established a joint branch in Indonesia
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  • Mar.Participated in KIMES 2012 COEX
  • Oct.Participated in GMES 2012
  • Mar.Participated in KIMES 2013 COEX
  • Apr.Clinical Trials finished
  • sep.Participated in GMES 2013
  • Nov.Obtained FDA Certification