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  • Regulartor
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  • Li-ion Battery
    Li-ion Battery 1 piece
  • Main Pad
    Main Pad
  • Patch
    Patch 2 piece
  • Connection Wire dec 19, 2012 – australia , uk, us, usa, he is going to put them together for me in a special album. i don?t have one favorite, cod.
    Connection Wire(Patch type) 1 piece
  • Gel
    Gel 4 piece(Pad type)
  • Holder
    Holder(Pad type) 1 piece
  • User manual
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  • Stomach Belt
    Stomach Belt
  • Recharging Adapter
    Recharging Adapter
  • Recharging Cable
    Recharging Cable
    (USB type)

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