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    • ● Model : I-200L

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  • ● Power voltage : DC 3.7V / 1100mA (rechargeable lithium-ion battery)
  • ● Battery life


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  • - Up to 20 hours with the use of low-frequency and TENS.
  • - Up to 150 minutes with the use of thermotherapy and TENS.


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  • - Length of time per battery charge : Approximately ___.
    The actual length of time may vary slightly.
  • ● Running time per operation: 20 minutes (Safety mode)
  • ● Dimensions of the body : 90㎜ x 52㎜ x 9㎜
  • ● Weight of the body : 50g



    • ● 3 styles and 8 modes
    • - Thermotherapy mode, Relief mode(available in three different types (A, B and C). The mode is optimized with Tapping, Massaging, Pressing and Auto features.
    • - Various but easy-to-control modes maximize the convenience of use.
    • ● Compactly-designed but widescreen LCD
    • - The half-palm-sized slim design makes it more convenient to carry the device; and a 2-inch wide display and GUI are adopted for the medical device to look sleek.
    • ● Independently developed 2-in-1 pad

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  • - This semi-permanent silicon pad helps maximize the pain-relieving effects by enabling the concurrent application of thermotherapy and TENS.
  • ● Semi-permanent battery
  • - The detachable long-lasting 1100 mA lithium-ion battery gives high stability to the device.
  • ● Adoption of a specialized triple safety gear
  • - The device will be automatically turned off if there is no operation in 30 seconds. The Automatic Hold feature is activated while in use.


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  • - Soft Start or Zero Start allows the device to be used softly and safely.


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